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Boy: Hi baby!! How are u? I'm so happy today!!
Girl: Wait, I'll text u later, I'm still busy with my thesis.
Boy: Can u do it later? Letter talk first.. I miss u so much baby.
Girl: I have to finish this on time, u knw that.
Boy: Please baby, just this once? u can finish that tomorrow.
Girl: What???? Can't u understand thisis my project!? Can't u give me time for myself?? COULD U PLEASE? I ALSO HAVE MY OWN LIFE..LET ME LIVEFOR MYSELF FOR ONCE! STOP TEXTINGME!
Boy: Sorry baby. I love u very very much. I'll just text u later.
Boy: Hi baby, I can't stay long not texting u. I really wnted to talk to u..Iwant us to be happy again.
Boy: Hi baby, still u are not responding to my texts. How's ur thesis?
Boy: Baby... Please response, I'm worried already..
Boy: Baby it's already 10pm.. It's been 2hours but u are still not replying to my text. I miss u already...i love u so much!
Boy: Uhm baby.. I love u so much.. I'm just here for u always.. The time is near that we'll always be together..
Girl: Didn't I tell u I'll text u after I'm done with my thesis?! Can't u undrstand that?!?! Why is it so hard for u to get that I'm BUSY?? It's like there's no tomorrow..u are overreacting..W ILL U JUST SLEEP??
Boy: Sorry baby.. Ok. Goodnight baby..I love u..Take care of urself always..I'll always here to guide u..I'm just here..I'll never leave u.
......the NEXT DAY........
Girl: Baby, wake up..Sorry about whatI've said last night..i was just really ur breakfast baby, I'll be going to school now..
Girl: Wake up baby, u still have classes to attend..text me whn u're awake..
Girl: Hey, why until now u're not texting? It's already our lunch break..why didn't u attend ur classes?Don't u have phone credits? Please text me..
Boy: He left us son left me already..ur boyfriend left u..he alreadyleft those who are dear to him..Did he tells u he's sick? This wasthe 3rd year his doctor gave him...wethought it wasn't true..Bcoz no one can predict how long a personcan live in this world..but to our surprised, his heart didn't make it too..We tried towake him up this morning but he never responded... There was a message for u in his phone but he wasn't able to send it.."Take care of urself always, I'm happy where I am going..please, don't cry..I'm sorry I didn't tell u about my condition..i don't wnt to bother u bcoz I knw how busy u are with ur thesis..i don't wanna add up to ur worries..I'm not sure if I'm lucky enough to still have a chance to wake up tomorrow but I'm always praying that He'll give me a chance to see u and be with u everyday of my life..I love u so much...i regret thatwe didn't have a chance to talk longer today.. but I undrstand u..u might fail on ur thesisif u won't be able to finish it..I'm really really sorry...and I love u very very much.. Please, promise me u'll be strong..I'mby ur side now..I'll always be here.. .Love-story

So... Heart touching story...
Very-sad-love-storyplz... frndz read it nd feel love...
Boy: Hey, hun!
Girl: Hey.
Boy: I missed you at school today. Why weren't
you there?
Girl: Yeah, I had to go to the doctor.
Boy: Oh really? Why?
Girl: Oh, nothing. Just some annual shots, that's
Boy: Oh.
Girl: So what did we do in math today?
Boy: You didn't miss anything that great, just a
lot of notes.
Girl: Ok, good.
Boy: Yeah.
Girl: Hey, I have a question...
Boy: Ok, ask away.
Girl: much do you love me?
Boy: You know I love you more than anything in
this world.
Girl: Yeah...
Boy: Why did you ask?
Girl: ...>silence<...
Boy: Is something wrong?
Girl: No. Nothing at all.
Girl: much do you care about me?
Boy: I would give you the world in a heartbeat
if I could.
Girl: You would?
Boy: Yeah of course I would. >sounding worried<
Is there something wrong?
Girl: No, everything's fine...
Boy: Are you sure?
Girl: Yeah.
Boy: Okay...I hope so.
Girl: ..........would you die for me?
Boy: I would take a bullet for you anyday, hun.
Girl: Really?
Boy: Anyday. Now, seriously, is there something
Girl: No, I'm fine. You're fine. We're fine.
Everyone and everything is fine.
Boy: ......okay.
Girl: ....well, I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow
at school.
Boy: Alright, bye. I LOVE YOU!
Girl: Yeah...I love you, too. Bye.
Boy: Hey, have you seen my girlfriend today?
Friend: No.
Boy: Oh.
Friend: She wasn't here yesterday, either.
Boy: I know. She was acting all weird on the
phone last night.
Friend: Well, dude, you know how girls are
Boy: Yeah, but not her.
Friend: I don't know what else to say, man.
Boy: Okay, well I gotta get to english. I'll see
ya after school.
Friend: Yeah I gotta get to science. Later.
Girl: Hello?
Boy: Hey.
Girl: Oh, hi.
Boy: Why weren't you at school today?
Girl: Uh, I had another appointment with the
Boy: Are you sick?
Girl: ……, I have to go. My mom’s calling on
the other line.
Boy: I’ll wait.
Girl: It may take a while. I’ll call you later.
Boy: Alright…………I love you.
>very long pause<
Girl: (with a tear in her eye) Look, I think we
should break up.
Boy: What!?
Girl: It’s the best thing for us right now.
Boy: Why??
Girl: I love you.
Boy: Hey dude.
Friend: Hey.
Boy: What’s up?
Friend: Nothing. Hey…have you talked to your
ex lately?
Boy: No.
Friend: So you didn’t hear?
Boy: Hear what?
Friend: Um, I don’t know if I should be the one
to tell you…
Boy: dude, what the hell just tell me!
Friend: Uh….call this number…433-555-3468
Boy: Ok…
Voice: Hello, Suppam County Hospital. This is
Nurse Beckham.
Boy: Uh, I must have the wrong number. I’m
looking for my friend.
Voice: What is their name, sir?
(boy gives info)
Voice: Yes, this is the right number. She’s one of
our patients here.
Boy: Really? Why? What happened??? How is
Voice: Her room number is 646 in building A,
suite 3.
Voice: Please come by, sir, and you can see her.
Boy: WAIT! NO!
-dial tone-
Boy: Oh my God, are u okay??
Girl: ..................
Boy: Sweetie!! Talk to me!!
Girl: I..........
Boy: You what?? YOU WHAT???
Girl: I have cancer and I’m on life support.
Boy: .....................>breaks into tears<......................
Girl: They're taking me off tonight.
Boy: Why??
Girl: I wanted to tell you, but I couldn’t .
Boy: Why didn’t you tell me????
Girl: I didn’t want to hurt you.
Boy: You could never hurt me.
Girl: I just wanted to see if you felt about me
the same as I felt about you.
Boy: …?
Girl: I love you more than anything. I would give
you the world in a heartbeat. I would die for you
and take a bullet for you.
Boy: (crying)
Girl: Don’t be sad. I love you and I’ll always be
here with you
Boy: Then why did you break up with me?
Nurse: Young man, visiting hours are over.
The boy leaves and later that night the girl is
taken off of life support and dies, but what the
boy didn’t know is that the girl only asked him
those questions so she could hear him say it one
last time. She only broke up with him because
she knew she only had 3 more weeks left to live
and thought that it would cause him less pain
and give him time to get over her before she
The boy is found dead with a gun in one hand
and a note in the other.
“I told her that I would take a bullet for her,
just like she said she would die for me.” :'( :'(


Boy: Hey Jaan, I'm missing u alot,
kal mile plzz??
Girl: baby me_also missing..ha kal
milte he
Next day Boy call her n says..
Boy: Jaan m really sorry aajka program postponed
karna padega mera ek frnd
problem me fass gaya he.. so uske
saath hu abhi :(
Girl: hm.. I was so excited to meet
u.. You spoiled my_day & mood.. tumhare liye to
tumhare dost hi sab kuch he :@:-
I dont wanna talk to u.. mujhe call
ya msg mat karna bye
Boy (upset n confused what to do) usne ye baat frnd ko batai
Frnd: koi baat nahi be tu jaa..
bhabhi tujhe miss kar rahi he,
agar teri jarurat padegi to_me
tujhe call kar dunga :)
Boy: thnx.. bt call jarur kar dena agar prob hui to..
Chal bye
Aur fir ladka apni gf se milne chala
jata he ;)
Now few days Later..
Girl: hey baby, bahut din hogaye hume mile, kal mile??
Boy: ok jaan.. sure :)
Next day..
Girl call him n says
Girl: Jaan I'm sorry hum aaj nahi
mil payenge, meri ek frnd bahar se aayi hui_he use shopping
karvani he :(
Boy (depress n upset): ok jaan..
hum fir kabhi mil lenge
Girl: thnx baby I Love u :*
Boy: love u too :* Conclusion: Boys r more
understanding ;)
Aur ye story 99.9% coupleski
he :D ..
Mostly girls is baat se deny
karengi par andar hi andar une b pata he_k aisa hota he..!!