Titu Pitu:-

Titu Pitu is nothing more then a team of few hard workers. In this our aim is to entertain to whole the world and in this most of all we caring for culture and funny'ness of Haryana which is very funny and Great state of India. Here we are only for entertain you and providing and keeping you with every moment of cultural In whole the world and along with it India and Haryana.
This was about our Aim of Titu Pitu and now something about it's team.
In our team we have:-
CEO of Titu Pitu:- Gourav (The most Funny and creative person of Haryana)

Content editor and collector:-
Mrs. Gourav (Kiran Bala)
Mr. Sourabh Goswami (Helper in creating funny and Haryanavi Content (Textual and Visible))
Mrs. Sourabh (Kajal)
Mr.Sandeep Kumar Sandy (Banarsi) (A Great Event Time poetry writer)
Mr. Amit Soni (A great sad and love Poetry writer)
And few contributors which helps us and you in providing quality content and Entertain you by their great works.

This is a place of have fun and read cool and great sms and you can copy and past in your text box and you can share these with your friends it's free service...