Hindi dussehra msg

As we all know that when Rama killed the Rawana after that day of Vijay dashmi means dussehra is celebrated and every one enjoy this day as Win of Goodness on Badness (sin) on this day every Indian worship their great God Rama and celebrate dussehra as victory of Goodness...
So every one wish this day with their friends also so we have decided to share few messages with you then you can easily wish this day to them so keep reading this post and share these messages with your friends and family...
Enjoy the Festival of Happiness... Happy Dussehra or Vijaya dashmi
Phool Khile
Khushi AapKe Kadam Chume
Kabi Na Ho Dukho Ka Samna
Dhan Hi Dhan Aaye Aapke Angana
Yahi h Dashara K Shub Avsar Pr Manokamna
Happy dashara

On this auspicious occasion
I wish the color
bliss & beautyOf this festival Be with youthrought the year!
Happy dashara

(""'') (""")
 ) (_/\_) ( ISH
%* U *%

 )   appy  (
(___)"""(__) DuSsEhRa

Dur se tumko miss kiya
Tumare liye god se wish kiya
Chupke se tumari yaad aayi
isliye dhadam se happy dashara wi
sh kiya
Happy dashara

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