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Doctr-How are you? everything is fine?
Titu-No Dr.I'm feeling Little-bit sickness..
Dr-Do you take wine?
Titu-Ya i take, but please create a little peg only for me.

Titu:Bro today i'm not feeling well i'm feeling illness, everything looking double to me
Pitu:Ok , By giving 1000 rupee
Take these 2000 rupee which was i took last week from you..

Titu:Today on your cell coming very I L0vE U
Text what is the secrete?
(With proud)-
Oh! nothing dear To day by mistake i took my wife's mobile phone......

Titu Seen Cigrette In His doters room
Oh_God,She Smokes
Then seen Wisky ..
Oh_God, She Drinks
At last he seen a boy in her room and titu said
Thank God These all things are of his....

Titu: mera beta bike se gir gaya h.
Doctor: I dont knw hindi, speak in english.
Titu: My londa gironda from_hero honda...

Once Titu was going to market with door at his solder...?
Pitu asked to him in the market that you wanna sale your door..?
Titu: Not that i wanna doors lock opened...

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